Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Integrations at the beginning, middle, and end

A true Email Creation Platform goes beyond a simple HTML upload to your ESP/MAP. Integrate with all the tech you already use, including messaging, DAMs, link tracking, live content, project management, workflow, and more so your teams can do their best work. Easily.

Stensul has integrations across the martech ecosystem with ESPs MAPs Workflow DAMs Messaging and more connecting email creation to everything else you use
Movable Ink
Stensul's Movable Ink integration brings dynamic and live Movable Ink experiences into your emails seamlessly.
Import Liveclicker dynamic content into your email creation process without the hassle of copy and paste

Don't see your ESP or MAP on the list?

Don't worry, you can download HTML from Stensul and upload to whatever email platform you are using.

Let us know what other integrations should be on our Roadmap!