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Stensul's Movable Ink integration brings dynamic and live Movable Ink experiences into your emails seamlessly.

How the Stensul and Movable Ink integration works

Movable Ink is a popular platform to create dynamic and customized image content for emails. The Stensul integration allows Movable Ink
content blocks to be easily pulled into the Stensul Email Builder as a module, reducing the previous hassle and possibility of error when
copy-pasting Movable Ink code snippets.

Modules can be prepared in Stensul Studio that are connected to Movable Ink, and users can refresh and preview the full Movable Ink experience as they are creating their emails in Stensul, for a seamless email creation experience.

  • Create module with Movable Ink content in Stensul and connect to Movable Ink code
  • Preview Movable Ink experience in Stensul during creation, review, and approval
  • Movable Ink code is automatically included in Stensul HTML code sent to the ESP or MAP
  • Secure OAuth 2.0 connection
Stensul integration with Movable Ink brings dynamic and live content seamlessly into your email

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