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Six ways Gen AI helps you speed up email creation

This post provides marketers with the six essential steps to speed up email creation with the assistance of Gen AI.
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You or someone on your team would love to speed up email creation as pressure mounts to meet a deadline. While it would be nice if you could simply extend deadlines, you don’t need to if you incorporate Gen AI in your email creation process. It will help you meet them more consistently and with considerably less anxiety. 

Importantly, this is about doing something with Gen AI in the future. It’s about harnessing the power of Gen AI today. Here are six ways you can use Gen AI right now to speed the time it takes to create emails.

1.  Draft subject lines and preheader text in seconds

It starts with the fact that Gen AI can rapidly analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends likely to resonate with your target audience. For example, once done looking at your past email campaigns, Gen AI can recommend subject lines and preheader texts that have performed well and suggest variations that might work better based on the current market trends – and do it all with great speed.

If you’ve not yet trained your email campaign data, consider using an easy-to-use subject line and preheader text generator. It typically works by pasting email copy in a window, then indicating your type of company, the industry in which you compete, your preferred tone of voice, and your desired word limit. And moments after a mouse click, you have a choice of five lines to choose from – provided at a speed you’ll likely be amazed by.

You can also use Gen AI to help personalize subject lines and preheader texts based on the recipient’s interests and browsing history. By analyzing the recipient’s behavior on your website, for example, Gen AI can, at great speed, suggest subject lines and preheader texts that are more likely to grab their attention and make them open your emails. 

2.  Compose can’t-miss CTAs at speed

Just as Gen AI can produce options speedily to the subject line you’ve created, it can produce a set of alternative CTAs, suggest where to place them within your email, and even what color to use for the CTA buttons.

3.  Get the proper writing style quickly

The way to foster a bond with subscribers is to “speak” so that they’ll respond best. The trick is to find the style of writing that will engage them. Here, Gen AI can also assess what’s worked best and, with speed, adjust your copy accordingly or rework the style based on your direction – whether you want it to be casual or professional, informative or persuasive. 

4.  Check spelling and grammar fast

You might remember your 7th-grade English teacher’s name, but there’s a decent chance you don’t recall their lessons on grammar and spelling. In a speedy way, Gen AI checks and suggests corrections to all text elements of your email. And, like almost everything else it does, Gen AI handles this task quickly.

5.  Conceive a visual concept easily

Along with words, Gen AI helps you with pictures. You may have an idea for the image when developing an email but can’t find it quickly in your DAM or library. With a Gen AI-enabled image generator, you type in a window what you envision, then based on that input, it speedily forms that image for you to round out the concept you have for an email. It may not provide a retina-ready image that conforms to brand guidelines, but with this visual concept, you save time and reduce the chance of misinterpretation.

6.  Have time to test

By saving time, Gen AI gives you time to conduct A/B testing. You get the time you’ve wished you had to evaluate different subject lines, preheader texts, and CTAs to see which drives the highest open and click-through rates. Gen AI can help determine what to examine and how to test it.

These are the essential ways to save time using Gen AI in your email efforts. It provides time savings for practically every aspect of email creation and marketing – from identifying the need for an email to devising the marketing and creative strategies to creating, sending, and evaluating its performance, as well as what the next one should be. Essentially, Gen AI helps to simplify and speed up a complicated process. Gen AI’s impact on creating and inserting Dynamic Content in emails is an excellent example of where else it saves time. 

To learn more, download the Stensul eBook How to leverage Gen AI in email creation for greater efficiency and effectiveness now. And check out Stensul’s AI-powered toolkit, a growing selection of email creation time-savers yours to use.

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