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How to overcome landing page building challenges

This post notes how you can more easily create effective landing pages with the Stensul Landing Page Builder than the most common ways.
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As a marketer, you know landing pages are essential to any successful email campaign. They’re the pages your email recipients click through to after reading your message that seeks to convert readers into buyers, attendees, or whatever the aim of your campaign might be. Unfortunately, building effective landing pages can be a real challenge. 

The two common ways to create landing pages are to use a builder in your ESP/MAP or a stand-alone landing page builder. Each presents its own set of challenges.

The challenges of building landing pages in ESPs/MAPs

One of the biggest challenges of building in ESPs/MAPs is that these platforms are rigid in terms of template design. While some of these platforms offer a few different templates, they’re usually limited in what you can change. This can make it difficult to create pages that look and feel unique to your brand or effectively convey your message.

In addition, when you make changes to a template in an ESP/MAP, it often breaks. This can be frustrating for marketers trying to make simple adjustments only to find that the entire layout has shifted or that certain elements aren’t working correctly. Frequently, when templates break, the underlying code needs to be touched. When that’s the case, all sorts of problems can occur. It is also worth noting that when under-trained individuals “go under the hood” of the builder in an ESP/MAP, the likelihood of a problem skyrockets, including the entire system crashing. 

Another challenge ESPs/MAPs present is that these platforms can be difficult to learn and use effectively. Even if you have experience with these platforms, their interface and functionality can be overwhelming. This can lead to frustration and delays as you, your email team, and marketing operations struggle to figure out how to make the necessary changes. 

The challenges of stand-alone landing page builders

While stand-alone builders offer more flexibility than ESPs/MAPs, they’re still challenging. They require real expertise to make the most of their capabilities. These platforms often allow for too much flexibility, leading to design disasters. Learning to use them takes lots of time, and the results can be disappointing. 

Even with the right expertise, designing and building a landing page from scratch can take hours when you use a stand-alone builder. This can be a significant barrier for marketers who must create pages quickly to keep the launch of their campaigns on schedule.

Five ways Stensul helps you overcome building challenges

The Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platform is a better way to create landing pages. It lets you create them quickly and easily, even for non-technical people. Here are five ways this platform enables you to overcome the challenges presented by ESP/MAP and stand-alone builders.

  1. Pre-designed flexible modules –  The Stensul platform offers a wide range of pre-designed modules that are flexible enough to meet your needs while still providing a consistent look and feel for your brand. These templates are easy to style and customize, allowing you to create a wide variety of page templates to use for the different types of pages you create for your organization.
  2. No coding required –  Unlike other platforms that need coding knowledge to make changes, Stensul offers a simple drag-and-drop interface. This means even marketers with no technical expertise can create pages that look and perform well.
  3. Quick turnaround – With Stensul, you can create in minutes rather than hours or days. This means that you can be more agile with your campaigns and respond quickly to changes in your marketing strategy.
  4. Common look & feel – The Stensul Landing Page Builder is integral to the Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platform. That means you create them in the same platform as the emails for your campaign. To see that they share a common look & feel, you simply toggle from one to the other. Analysis has shown that conversion rates are lower if a landing page doesn’t appear similar to the email containing the offer, conversion rates can be lower. That’s a non-problem when you use the dedicated landing page builder in Stensul. 
  5. Integration with ESPs/MAPs – Once you build a landing page, moving it to an ESP/MAP like Marketo is done with just one mouse click. That’s because  Stensul integrates with a wide range of ESPs/MAPs, letting you better realize the core value of those systems, deployment – not building emails or landing pages.

Building effective landing pages can be a real challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Using the Stensul platform lets you create pages quickly and easily without the frustration and delays that come from using the builders in ESPs/MAPs or stand-alone systems. Stensul is the right choice for creating landing pages that convert. You can learn more about the Stensul Landing Page Builder here.

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