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An ESP migration takes less time and money when you include an Email Creation Platform

You've made the decision to migrate to a new ESP. If it's done without an Email Creation Platform (ECP) added simultaneously to your marketing automation technology stack, this post explains why such an important initiative will take more time and cost more money than you projected.

You made the decision to migrate to a new email service provider (ESP). It took countless hours of analysis and planning – involving practically everyone on the marketing team – to get to this point. And, it’ll take months to get it done.

You explored and evaluated several ESPs, choosing the one that will provide the greatest value, selecting the right platform, and determining the best way to train people on how to use it. You’re convinced you made the smartest decision.

Or have you?

If this ESP migration is done without an Email Creation Platform (ECP) added simultaneously to your marketing automation technology stack, this important initiative will take more time and cost more money than even your sharpest projections suggest.

Here’s how an Email Creation Platform makes an ESP migration faster and more cost-effective:

An Email Creation Platform eliminates the need to recheck or recreate all of your email templates.

It lets you reuse them – as is – regardless of which ESP you’ve been using. This lets you avoid the development cost incurred by developers doing that work. In all likelihood, that’s time they don’t have to spare anyway. What’s more, with an Email Creation Platform, the chance for code to break during the recreation process is zero.

An Email Creation Platform reduces dependence on an external agency for email creation. 

Because an Email Creation Platform lets non-technical people create quality, on-brand emails, there’s no need to outsource email creation to an external agency. If you opt not to handle any email creation, you can still leverage an agency, having them create emails on the platform in a fraction of the time. With fewer billable hours applied to email creation, you can use the agency for other services.

Even if the agency is miles away from your marketing operation, an Email Creation Platform gives you visibility into the entire process, at every step for real-time collaboration and instant feedback.

An Email Creation Platform drastically decreases email creation training time and cost.

When your team is exposed to new software and faced with a new, complex system, like an ESP, there’s typically training involved. And lots of it at a hefty cost. Let’s say the hourly cost rate of a marketer who handles email creation is $100. It generally takes at least 10 hours to get them comfortable building emails in a new ESP. That’s a minimum of $1,000 per team member. Now multiply that across your entire team. It will add up fast. Beyond that, there are the inevitable glitches and fumbles that occur when using a new ESP to create emails. When that happens, it’s a bottleneck that causes everything associated with the ESP to grind to a halt. And that’s an additional cost of consequence.

An Email Creation Platform cuts the time to migrate to a new ESP in half.

Experience has shown that it takes half the time to get marketers up to speed using a new ESP when there’s an Email Creation Platform in place because they don’t need to be retrained on creating emails in a new deployment platform. Consider the fact that most such migrations take 2 to 3 months to get email programs set up in a new ESP when an Email Creation Platform isn’t in place. That makes getting a return on your investment in the new ESP that much longer and cost more as well.

If you’re looking to move to a new ESP, be sure to also look at incorporating an Email Creation Platform into the process. It will simplify, speed, and save costs associated with the migration process. What’s more, it will make email creation far more efficient.  Get your copy of to eBook “An Introduction to Email Creation Platforms” to learn more.

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