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Why Email Creation is the Future of Email Marketing

Ready to empower your email team and embrace the future of email marketing?

There are a lot of people touting the next big thing in email marketing.

It can feel overwhelming when you think about the dizzying array of tech and opinions out there.

The process of creating marketing emails is often fraught with manual workflows and repetitive work. Despite advancements in technology, traditional email workflows haven’t changed much.

That’s why we believe that email creation is the future of email marketing. Here’s why.

What does ‘email creation’ mean?

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Email creation is a new way to create your brand emails, automating tasks that are excruciatingly manual at the moment.

It allows marketers—without any technical knowledge—to easily createe on-brand, error-proof emails in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

In the stensul email creation platform, we preconfigure your brand guidelines into the platform and create modules that are custom to your brand aesthetic and needs.

You assemble these modules, add copy and images, and generate compelling emails you want to send to your audience.

Basically, email generation is the use of preconfigured email modules to generate emails quicker than ever before.

All brand, legal, and design compliance needs are built into the modules and guardrails are in place so errors aren’t made.

This removes the need for the constant back and forth between copywriters, designers, developers, and email marketers.

What are the benefits?

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Here’s the lowdown on the benefits you could see with an email generation platform:

  1. Anyone on your team can use it, including local teams, creatives, and stakeholders. Built-in approvals and collaborations give you complete control over who is doing what.
  2. Local teams can generate and customize their own emails, rather than relying completely on the central marketing team.
  3. No more hand coding or manually building emails, so you’ve got more time for strategic, value-add marketing work that drives real results for your organization.
  4. Custom modules allow you to build an endless number of unique emails, whatever audience you’re targeting or region you work in.
  5. Every email you generate is on-brand and legally compliant. Brand and legal guidelines are custom built into each module, ensuring that whoever generates email is always on the right side of any regulations.

There’s countless more but those are the key benefits that will give you major time, cost, and energy savings across your email marketing team.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us and we can schedule a personalized demo catered to you and your email marketing needs.

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