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What is Email Generation?

We’re changing email marketing forever. Here’s how…

Email generation is the future of email marketing.

Here at stensul, we believe that the traditional, manual process of email building is not sustainable.

Email marketers can take days or weeks to build a single enterprise email as it moves back and forth between developers, designers, copywriters, and managers. With an email generation platform, it takes minutes.

So how does an email generation platform work, and how does it transform your approach to email marketing?

An email generation platform seamlessly integrates with your ESP. It allows marketers—without any technical knowledge—to easily generate on-brand emails without errors.

At stensul, we preconfigure your brand guidelines into the platform and create modules that are custom to your brand aesthetic.

You assemble these modules, add copy and images, and generate compelling emails you want to send to your audience. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and anyone on your team can use it.

In addition, built-in approvals and collaborations gives marketers complete control over who is doing what.

An email generation platform automates tasks that were previously only done manually, freeing up resources and giving you time to focus on strategic, value-add marketing work that drives real results for your organization.

You might argue that you already use email templates, so you don’t need an email generation platform. However, you can only build so many unique emails from one email template.

With an email generation platform, our custom modules allow you to build an endless number of unique emails, whatever audience you’re targeting or region you work in.

Think of it this way, a template is a completed Lego set that can’t be broken down into smaller pieces. An email generation platform provides you with custom Lego pieces that you can use to build as many Lego masterpieces as you want.

And the best part is that each masterpiece you create is on-brand and legally compliant. Brand and legal guidelines are custom built into each module, ensuring that whoever generates email is always on the right side of any regulations.

The stensul email generation platform transforms the way enterprises generate emails, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of marketing programs and making it easier than ever to be heard.  

With stensul, the only limitation on marketing leaders forging ever more resonant connections with their audiences is their own imagination.

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