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What Could People Be Doing if They Weren’t Spending So Much Time on Email Creation?

We asked some members of our team what they’d do with the extra hours.

Besides the practical benefits, like having more time to focus on strategy rather than creation and additional marketing campaigns, saving time on production gives team members back precious hours in their day that they can spend on all manner of activities. We asked some of the stensul team what they recommend doing with all of the time they’re not spending crafting emails, and we fully endorse the results.

Jony Travin, our Head of Product, is upping his barista game by making coffee with whipped cream, but whipping the cream by hand. (Another option is making whipped dalgona coffee, a quarantine trend that recently took the internet by storm.)

A few of Julian’s plants

Julian Damore, our NYC Office Manager, is doing his best to keep all of his house plants alive, now that he actually has time to research what each plant is and the proper care required. He also recommends asking your partner/roommate to cut your hair and seeing how that goes.

Kelly Dynan, a Customer Success Manager, is joining Jony’s quest for the perfect cup of coffee, but she’s chosen to spend time perfecting her pour over technique. The grounds-to-water ratio is crucial, and well worth an extensive study.

Alejandro Abraham, a Software Engineer, is trying a new ridiculous haircut (though he didn’t clue us into what haircut, exactly — a man of mystery!) and has taken Julian’s advice by roping his co-quarantiner into cutting it for him. He’s now wondering if he’ll ever go back to a barber once shops reopen.

Kevin Clevette, another Customer Success Manager, is spending an hour or two a day pretending to workout as an excuse to take a much-needed break from his family and recommends the approach for anyone who needs some time away from roommates, kids, or siblings. And if your housemates start to wonder why you’re not getting any fitter and are suddenly caught up on “Ozark?” Blame it on all the baked goods they’re feeding you, and claim your co-workers are all watching the show and discussed it at your latest Zoom stand up.

Juan Ferrari, another Software Engineer, is gathering all of his lone socks and searching for their missing counterparts. How so many socks have ended up under his mattress and behind the fridge remains to be determined, but in any case, the search is no quick task and he won’t rest until all of his pairs of socks are successfully reunited. 

As you can see, the possibilities of how to spend your newfound hours are nearly endless. Not only will you have more time to devote to your interests, but communication between your email creation team members will improve as requestqueues between creators and designers are easier to manage and marketers can make changes to their emails themselves.

What are you most looking forward to doing with all of the hours you’ll get back working with stensul?

If there’s one problem we see over and over again when talking with email marketers, it’s this: Organizations spend far too much time on email creation (until they implement a platform like stensul, of course). From concept to copy to design, with technically difficult edits and lots of back-and-forth communication required, a typical production process might take weeks per email. In the middle of a global pandemic when information is so rapidly changing, hardly any organization can afford that kind of production time.

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