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The value of ‘hand-in-glove’ when creating marketing emails and landing pages

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You know email is a fantastic marketing tool. There’s little around that performs as well to connect with and convince subscribers to do something, whether to be better informed about a product or buy it. However, that email brings your prospect or customer to the proverbial goal line. It’s the landing page that gets them […]

How to handle email personalization efficiently

Personalization is like a silver bullet, a magic potion, or a miracle for email marketers and MOPs pros. Put a name in the “From” line, and open rates can go up 25% or more. Change just one bit of information in a single field in an email, and there’s an excellent chance response rates will […]

How to make your CMO care about how emails are created

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The person sitting atop your company’s marketing organization is usually the Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO, likely doesn’t fully appreciate how you and your team create emails.  The CMO is laser-focused on results, big picture-type results. They tend to look at things from a 50,000 foot perspective. As such, they’re not going to fully understand […]

How marketing operations pros can make email creation more efficient

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If I ask you, or any other marketing operations professional (MOPs pro), what email creation means and there’s an excellent chance your response won’t be short or straightforward. That’s completely understandable because the way the overwhelming majority of companies create marketing emails today is very complicated and takes a long time. It takes two weeks […]

It’s not developers’ fault Design-to-Code email workflows are so inefficient

Developers never cease to amaze me, especially about email creation. They’re solvers, fixers, work-arounders. When it comes to one of the most popular ways to create emails, Design-to-Code, they are crucial. Mainly because that workflow calls for each email to be hand-coded by, you guessed it, developers. While developer’s skills are admirable, your email creation […]

10 things you might be doing wrong creating emails

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Email creation is a complicated process. In all likelihood, it takes more time and money than you’d like.  Don’t feel too bad about that. Around 80% of all brands take more than one week to create just one email. That’s one of the key findings of research recently conducted by Stensul. This post looks at […]

9 steps to take for better designed emails

Most marketers spend considerable time and effort seeking to eke out even a tiny bit more performance from the emails they create. Much of that hunt is focused on finding the perfect subject line, a way to track opens or the CTR to end all CTRs. While those areas have merit, so too does designing […]