9 steps to take for better designed emails

Most marketers spend considerable time and effort seeking to eke out even a tiny bit more performance from the emails they create. Much of that hunt is focused on finding the perfect subject line, a way to track opens or the CTR to end all CTRs. While those areas have merit, so too does designing […]

Zen and the Art of Module Maintenance

While maintaining a library of email modules isn’t as exciting as riding a motorcycle down an open road, it is very much a job worth doing well. This post offers ways to do that while drawing parallels to the fabled “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” whose author advocated a mix of self-reliance and leveraging ways that lets you do things better. Kind of like stensul’s approach to email creation.

Create in stensul, send via Outlook

With stensul’s new Outlook365 integration, you can now create a great-looking, on-brand email in stensul, and then easily pass it over to your Outlook365 account to send. From your own account. No fancy email deployment platform needed. This post explains how stensul makes that happen and the benefits it provides.

Bring your marketing teams together to create better emails faster

Email, as a marketing tool, has been around for 25+ years. You’d think by now creating emails would be easier and faster. It’s not. The missing element is collaboration. From email brief to email deployment. This post explains how to empower your team to create better emails faster with the capabilities of a collaborative Email Creation Platform.