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Stensul Custom Elements offers a new choice between ‘Bring-Your-Own-Code’ and ‘No-code’ email creation

Till now you've had two choices when it came to email creation. Either "Bring-Your-Own-Code" or "No-code." Now there's Custom Elements: A new capability of the stensul Agile Email Creation Platform that offers the best of both worlds.
Stensul combines bring your own code and no code together in one email creation platform

When it comes to email creation, marketing operations professionals have had two choices:

  • Make it easy for everyone and use “No-code” email creation


  • Require heavy developer involvement with a “Bring-Your-Own-Code” (BYOC) approach for maximum customization.

Each of these approaches has pros and cons.

Now there is another choice. One that gives you the best of both. It’s Stensul Custom Elements, a new capability of the Stensul Email Creation Platform™.

Stensul Custom Elements lets marketers add customized experiences to the available modules in their emails. Each is added by a one-time-coded Custom Element. What’s more, there’s no need  for constant developer tweaks. Marketers can add the modules with the custom code to their emails, select the color palette, edit the text and images, and then send for approval prior to their going to the ESP. No further coding is required.

With Custom Elements, unique custom experiences that work the same on both Desktop and Mobile can be created, such as the Carousel experiences, shown below, where the subscriber controls the image they want to zoom in on, rather than seeing it in a stacked experience which is all that is available without Custom Elements.

How this benefits marketers

This is a great leap forward in email creation. Stensul Custom Elements further empowers marketers without coding know-how to be more creative in how they put together emails. The limitations of “No-code” emails – including not being able to have embedded tables, custom dark mode colors, mobile-friendly social footers or graphic highlighting carousels – vanish. They can now be part of the subscriber experience. Along with that, marketers can continue to rely on stensul’s guardrails to ensure compliance with brand and regulatory guidelines as well as maintain email best practices.

How this benefits Developers

For developers, Stensul Custom Elements takes another low-value task off their plates, allowing this high-value resource to focus on activities that more appropriately draw on their skills.

How to get started

The Stensul Custom Elements capability has been designed to create a completely seamless experience for users building emails within stensul. Once the elements are created by developers and styled by users of stensul Studio, they’re ready for marketers to use.

To learn more, please contact stensul. If you are an existing stensul customer, please contact Stensul Customer Success. We’ve even created a “Developer starter kit” with sample code for commonly requested email experiences that organizations can adapt to meet their own internal requirements. It’s a game changer for everyone involved in the process. Helping to realize even greater value from the Stensul Email Creation Platform.

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