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Stensul Extends Leadership in Collaborative Email Creation With Deeper Adobe Integrations that Deliver More Value for Platform Users

Stensul, the platform for collaborative email creation, announced new functionality within its integrations with Adobe’s marketing automation platform (MAP), Adobe Marketo Engage and Adobe’s marketing workflow and collaboration solution, Adobe Workfront. These are the latest developments from Stensul to broaden and deepen its category-leading portfolio of integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud applications, including and Adobe Campaign. 

“Stensul brings everyone involved in email creation into a single environment so they can easily collaborate and do their best work,” said Noah Dinkin, Stensul’s Founder and CEO. “Deep integrations between the Stensul Email Creation Platform™ and the numerous adjacent technologies in a company’s martech stack are a key part of how the overall workflow becomes more efficient for everyone. Great examples of this are our powerful integrations with Marketo Engage, Workfront, Experience Manager, and Adobe Campaign along with our compatibility with Adobe Analytics. If a company is an Adobe shop, Stensul is the clear choice as their Email Creation Platform.”

Stensul provides the missing link to bring email creation and collaboration together. With these critical platforms talking to each other, teams reduce steps in the process and free up significant time for strategic work to deliver better results. 


Adobe Marketo Engage and Stensul: Programs, samples, and scheduling

Added to the ability to easily and securely upload HTML from Stensul to Marketo Engage Programs (Marketing Activities) or Marketo Engage Design Studio, three new enhancements make the Marketo Engage and Stensul combination more robust and valuable. The first is Create a Program, which lets users clone already-structured Marketo programs on the fly without leaving the Stensul platform. This capability lets users create Programs while giving marketing operations teams greater control over the programs that get created. The second is Send a Sample, which allows users to take the email they are working on in Stensul, and easily trigger a test send or a proof, deployed from Marketo Engage. This eliminates the need for a user to switch over to Marketo Engage to send an email proof for review, saving time and lessening the chance for error. The third is Schedule a Send, which lets users schedule new Marketo Engage Programs from the Stensul interface, making it easier for a permissioned user to oversee an email from inception to send without logging into Marketo Engage.

Adobe Workfront and Stensul: Sync collaboration activities between platforms

For teams who use Stensul and Workfront, collaboration and workflow activities such as comments and approvals made within Stensul will now sync to the corresponding project and task in Workfront in real-time. It’s the best of both with this integration enhancement. This boosts an already robust and powerful collaboration workflow, ensuring all campaign stakeholders stay updated in Workfront. It also enables greater collaboration and agility in the overall process for those stakeholders central to the process. 

Deeper integrations provide higher value

These new robust integrations underscore Stensul’s commitment to deliver greater ease, speed, and control over the entire email creation and collaboration process, helping fast growing companies as well as the world’s largest brands get even more value from Adobe Campaign, Marketo Engage, Workfront, and Experience Manager. In the case of Adobe Campaign, teams can collaborate and create beautiful, finished emails in Stensul, and, once approval workflows are complete, upload the finished HTML into Campaign via a secure API connection.

“These latest Adobe integration enhancements extend Stensul’s lead in the Email Creation category as having the most extensive collection of deep and valuable integrations. All are intended to unite and simplify a disconnected email creation process consisting of single-purpose tools used by specialists operating in silos,” Dinkin said. 

Along with Marketo Engage, Workfront, Adobe Experience Manager, and Campaign, Stensul has deep integrations with Oracle Eloqua and Responsys, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot, Iterable, Braze, Asana, Wrike, Movable Ink, LiveClicker, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Outlook, among others.

About Stensul

The Stensul Email Creation Platform™ dramatically reduces email creation time – by up to 90% – so teams can better focus on improving email performance. Stensul makes this possible by streamlining the collaboration process and simplifying email creation for all marketers, so they can create high-performing emails that drive stronger results. Top brands that trust Stensul to solve their most demanding email problems include ASICS, BMW, Capital One, CircleCI, Codecademy, Electric, FullStory, Lucidworks, and MURAL, and Yahoo. For more information or to see Stensul in action, visit