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Stensul's AEM integration enables you to source images from Adobe Experience Manager's asset picker to add to your emails

How the Stensul and Adobe Experience Manager Integration works

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a popular Media DAM for asset management. Stensul’s Adobe Experience Manager integration allows approved AEM assets to be easily pulled into the Stensul Email Builder, so that email creators can easily add the assets they need and lightly edit them as required.

Modules can be created in Stensul Studio that are connected to the AEM integration, and users can navigate AEM assets as they are creating their emails in Stensul, for a seamless creation experience that guarantees approved images and assets are being used in the emails.

  • Manage all digital assets in Adobe Experience Manager’s DAM
  • Connect securely from Stensul’s Email Builder to AEM
  • Select the approved image(s) for your Email, bring into Stensul, and resize as needed
  • Send your on-brand Email for approval in minutes
Stensul's Adobe Experience Manager integration uses an API so you can add the right images to your email created in Stensul

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