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Stensul Email Creation Platform Adds Integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack

Integrations with Top Messaging Platforms is Company’s Latest Move To Bring Email Creation and Collaboration Together

Stensul today announced availability of integrations that connect its Email Creation Platform with Microsoft Teams and Slack, the two leading messaging platforms for business.

“Until now, stakeholder feedback happened in separate, disconnected places from where an email was being created. That resulted in a lot of time-consuming, frustrating back-and-forth for teams,” said Noah Dinkin, Stensul’s Founder and CEO. “With Stensul’s Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations, a marketing email can be created in our Email Creation Platform and then shared directly with specific users or channels in each messaging platform for feedback.”

With the rise of Slack and Teams as the dominant places for internal communications, Stensul saw a corresponding increase in these platforms becoming where stakeholders would share comments and other feedback around marketing emails being created. With these integrations, Stensul brings together the ability to create, share, collect feedback, and make updates to the email, all in one place. This combination of creation and collaboration saves significant time and gives everyone greater visibility into the overall process.

The integrations let collaborators preview, leave comments, tag colleagues, and approve or reject an email seamlessly with either messaging platform. Everyone is kept up-to-date with alerts on the latest status, including when an email is pushed to an ESP or MAP for deployment.

“During the past year and a half there’s been a shift not only in where we work, but also how we all work together,” Dinkin said. “It used to be that we would send around proofs or visit someone’s desk to look at their screen and share comments. Now, that feedback is primarily shared via Slack and Teams. This isn’t going to change back to the old way, and has been made more efficient by these new Stensul integrations.”

Along with speeding the overall email creation process to save valuable time for busy teams, the robust guardrails of Stensul’s platform allow anyone to create emails that adhere to corporate brand guidelines automatically, without having to worry about email coding or rendering issues.

“Stensul has spent years and made considerable investment to provide enterprises and high-growth companies with the best-in-class platform for email creation,” Dinkin said. “As digital collaboration is now the default for everyone, we will continue to integrate our Email Creation Platform with more applications, beyond Slack and Teams, to enable creation and collaboration to live together, enabling everyone to do their best work by making content creation agile,” Dinkin said.

Slack and Teams join what is already the category’s largest collection of deep integrations, all intended to to unite and simplify a disconnected email creation process. Other Stensul integrations include Adobe Campaign, Marketo and Workfront, Asana, Oracle Eloqua and Responsys, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Iterable, Braze, Liveclicker, Movable Ink, and Microsoft Outlook, among many others.