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Easily communicate with collaborators on the status of email creation in their personal Slack DMs or a dedicated team channel

How the Stensul and Slack integration works

Slack is a widely-used messaging platform used by many companies worldwide to keep their teams communicating and collaborating. By integrating with Slack, Stensul lets users keep track of email creation events in real-time, using more than just email notifications, to significantly streamline the creation process.

You can send notifications about Approval, Mentions, Workflow, and ESP/MAP Uploads to either a dedicated channel or to specific user(s), all customizable to whichever mailstream you are working on. Notifications will include relevant messaging and links to preview the email with a single click.

  • Send Slack notifications to dedicated or customizable channels or users in addition to email notifications
  • Notify users and channels that an email needs to be reviewed or review comments have been made
  • Review comments made as well as examine proofs directly from the Slack notification
  • Ensure Marketing Ops knows the Email has been uploaded to your ESP or MAP
  • Secure OAuth 2.0 connection
Stensul's Slack integration sends notifications to your DMs or a dedicated slack channel for updates on email creation

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