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Ensure Teams colleagues don't miss a thing about the email they're collaborating on in public or private channels.

How the Stensul and Microsoft Teams integration works

Microsoft Teams is a widely-used messaging platform for enterprises worldwide, especially those using the Microsoft suite, to keep their
teams communicating and collaborating. With the Teams integration, Stensul lets users keep track of email creation events in real-time, using more than just email notifications, to significantly streamline the creation process.

You can send notifications about Approval, Mentions, Workflow, and ESP/MAP Uploads to dedicated public or private channel(s), all customizable to whichever mailstream you are working on. Notifications will include relevant messaging and links to preview the email with a single click.

  • Send Teams notifications to dedicated or customizable channels along with email notifications
  • Notify users and channels that Emails need to be reviewed or that review comments have been made
  • Review comments made as well as examine proofs directly from the Teams channel
  • Ensure Marketing Ops knows the Email has been uploaded to the ESP or MAP
  • Secure OAuth 2.0 connection
Stensul's Microsoft Teams integration lets you send real time notification on email creation status via DMs or channels

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