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Introducing Stensul Scripted Dynamic Content Authoring for Adobe

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Empowers Enterprise Marketing Teams To Produce Personalized Campaigns in Days, Not Weeks

Personalized email messages can produce dramatically better results than those that don’t contain highly relevant content for subscribers. Personalization is known to drive engagement, which in turn drives up conversion rates and revenue.

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But that’s not simple or easy to achieve. For most organizations, creating and sending personalized emails at scale means slowing down the creation process and having many cooks in the kitchen, ultimately decreasing the number of personalized email campaigns your team can produce.   

A significant reason it’s difficult is that technical teams must write unique scripts for each segment you send a personalized email to. If you only send one personalized email a week with four custom offerings, that adds up over a year and can dramatically impact the efficiency of your output. 

In addition, each email service provider (ESP) has its own scripting language. That means you need a specialist proficient in that language. Even in the largest enterprises, those specialists can be hard to find and costly if writing that script takes them away from more strategic work.

Why depend on the skill and availability of technical specialists and see your marketing team’s ability to produce personalized content at scale severely constrained?

If your organization is an Adobe shop, you don’t need to be dependent on those skilled personnel. With our latest feature release, Stensul is improving this with Scripted Dynamic Content Authoring (DCA) for Adobe.   

Personalization at scale  

Stensul now supports Scripted Dynamic Content Authoring (DCA) for Adobe Campaign Classic (ACC) and Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO). This capability joins our Marketo-supported Dynamic Content Authoring, introduced in September 2023, to further expand Stensul’s personalization capabilities and build on our commitment to providing efficient and scalable creation cycles. 

Check out our announcement for more information on Stensul DCA for Marketo.

With Scripted DCA for Adobe, non-technical marketers can create and send personalized emails autonomously. Instead of looping in your technical specialist each time you want to send a sophisticated, personalized email, Stensul provides a simpler and more scalable workflow for everyone.  

For technical users, Stensul DCA for Adobe lets them create a library of preset conditionals only once and apply a unique label to each. This allows non-technical builders to use the same conditional in future emails by applying the label from an intuitive drop-down menu. 

For example, you frequently send different offerings to California and Nevada residents. In that case, your technical specialist must create the unique script once in Stensul and apply each script with the labels ‘CA’ and ‘NV.’ Non-technical people can select ‘CA’ and ‘NV’ from an intuitive drop-down menu for all future state-specific custom offerings, applying the unique script automatically to the selected variant. 

This means enterprise marketing teams can send subscribers custom offerings and personalized campaigns within days, not weeks. The Stensul Marketing Creation Platform’s intuitive design, paired with Adobe-compatible scripting support, provides a simpler, more efficient workflow for marketers to create personalized emails at scale.

For technical builders who want to add scripts directly in the builder, Stensul still offers the option to input conditions directly without adding them as a templated conditional option first. By supporting intuitive conditional templates and scripting done on an ad-hoc basis in our platform, you have the freedom and flexibility to personalize emails in a way that best fits your team. Stensul gives you time to personalize emails.

Stensul Scripted DCA for Adobe reflects our continuing commitment to helping marketers like you make marketing asset creation efficient so you can spend more time on strategic activities – like personalization – and less on production-related ones.  The Stensul Marketing Creation Platform reduces email time by as much as 90%. Stensul’s efficient approach to dynamic content authoring contributes to that, allowing you to launch personalized campaigns in a fraction of the time it’s taking you now.

When you can produce emails tailored to the wants, needs, and interests of subscribers, you’ll see stronger results:

Increased Engagement: Personalized emails have higher open and click-through rates than generic ones. When recipients see content that reflects their interests, preferences, or previous interactions with your brand, they’re more likely to engage with the email. 

Improved Conversion Rates: Personalized emails achieve higher conversion rates by delivering relevant content and offers to recipients based on their past behavior or demographics. They are more likely to take action, whether purchasing, signing up for a service, or attending an event.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction: Personalized emails strengthen the relationship between your brand and customers. When messages convey that your brand understands them and their preferences, they’re more likely to feel valued and appreciated, increasing loyalty and satisfaction.

Reduced Unsubscribe Rates: Emails that appear irrelevant are more likely to annoy recipients and lead them to unsubscribe from future communications. Personalized emails are more likely to be well-received, reducing recipients’ likelihood of opting out of future communications.

In the challenging digital business environment in which you compete, personalized emails serve as a competitive advantage. They help you to stand out from competitors in the minds of subscribers.

What’s more, higher engagement and conversion rates usually lead to a higher ROI on your marketing efforts. Further, personalization builds long-term customer loyalty and satisfaction, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

That’s why Stensul has made email personalization simpler, faster, and scalable for technical and non-technical marketing teams.

To learn more, download the Stensul eBook The dynamics of Dynamic Content in email creation. You can see Stensul in action here.

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