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Stensul Adds No-code Dynamic Authoring for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketo to its Email and Landing Page Creation Platform

Makes email personalization easy and efficient for marketing teams

Dynamic Content Authoring for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and Adobe Marketo Engage can now be performed in Stensul, the collaborative email and landing page creation platform. 

“Personalization dramatically improves email performance. However, preparing all the different content pieces and underlying Dynamic Content code has meant doing difficult work that takes a lot of back-and-forth and is prone to error,” said Noah Dinkin, Stensul’s Founder & CEO. “Stensul applied our years of learnings around email creation and collaboration to Dynamic Content Authoring to make it faster, error-free, and a better experience for everyone involved. We’ve stripped away all of the complexity under the hood so Digital and Marketing teams can focus on creating higher-impact email programs with Dynamic Content. And they can go after their goals at a much faster pace.”

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To support the campaigns Marketing teams want to run, until now, authoring an email with Dynamic Content has involved multiple experts, working in the native email builders of the large ESPs/MAPs. The process is extremely cumbersome and fragile, consuming significant time from everyone involved. 

“Stensul changes personalizing emails with Dynamic Content from a complex, time-consuming, and often frustrating process to amazingly simple and efficient,” said Kyle Garrett, Weave’s Senior Marketing Operations Manager. “Changing elements of an email – from the headline, image, body text, the CTA, and even links – is done quickly and easily without the need to make structural changes to the modules in the email’s templates.”

Before this Stensul innovation, those using Dynamic Content couldn’t easily see how their emails would look for different audience segments outside of individual previews in or sent from SFMC or Marketo. The lack of visibility created additional work when changes were required. 

Stensul’s Dynamic Content Preview, part of the new capability, lets teams build emails and preview Dynamic Content without leaving the Stensul interface. This means teams can see what a whole email will look like, not just the non-dynamic pieces.

“Along with increasing the types of emails that marketers can create in Stensul, this new capability frees up huge amounts of time for the specialists so they can focus on leveraging the more sophisticated capabilities of their ESP or MAP,” Dinkin said. “Marketing leaders are really excited about this because they want to bring more sophistication into their programs to drive increased performance, yet historically that required significant additional budget or headcount. With our overall Dynamic Content capabilities, they are now looking at a completely different equation.”

The SFMC and Marketo Dynamic Content integrations are now available now within the Stensul Email and Landing Page Creation Platform. For more information, visit