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Stensul integrates with Marketo Dynamic Content

Stensul makes adding and viewing dynamic content from Marketo to emails available to email creators outside the ESP/MAP

How the Stensul Dynamic Content integration with Marketo works

Dynamic content is a key part of personalized emails, which are a key part of helping companies reach phase 4 of the Email Creation Maturity Model.

Dynamic Content is currently limited to being executed in the ESP or MAP, which makes creating emails that use it take longer than they should. Stensul’s Dynamic Content integration with Marketo will enable email creators to view all the dynamic content that will be used in the email right during the creation process. Reviewers and approvers can also view these previews, ensuring that the email looks great no matter what customer segment is viewing it.

  • Reduce steps and save time in your email preview and approval process
  • Render dynamic content text and images in Stensul in real time
  • Review how the Dynamic Content options work with your Stensul created emails

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Stensul integrates with Marketo Dynamic Content