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How to Prioritize Email Creation in Your Organization

Ready to transform your email marketing? Here’s how to prioritize email generation.

We all know that there are many competing priorities at a company, internal resourcing being chief among them.

Email marketing is often overlooked when it comes time to allocate resources and budget. A Litmus study found that 52% of marketers believe their email programs are either understaffed or very understaffed.

How can you help your colleagues understand the huge potential for improvement in email marketing?

And how can you create a culture of smart email generation within your marketing organization?

What is email creation?

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Email generation is revolutionizing the way marketers generate emails, automating tasks that were previously only done manually.

It allows marketers—without any technical knowledge—to easily generate on-brand emails without errors in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Inside stensul’s email generation platform, we preconfigure your brand guidelines into the platform and create modules that are custom to your brand.

You assemble these modules, add copy and images, and generate compelling emails you want to send to your audience. Anyone on your team can use it, and built-in approvals and collaborations gives marketers complete control over who is doing what.

You’ve got to fight for your right to… Create emails

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We know that change is hard, which is why you’re going to have to build your business case for email generation.

Despite a 2018 survey which found that 50% of U.S. customers prefer to hear from brands via email, many organizations are still lagging behind.

First things first, you’ve got to prove that email marketing drives real ROI, and it needs more investment.

As part of this, it’s time to push for real, lasting change by focusing your efforts on email generation.

Lay out the time, cost, and energy savings of moving to an email generation platform (our stensul consultants can help you work this out, contact us today).

Creating a culture of smart email creation

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Once you’ve been given the green light to invest in email generation, it’s time to look at your marketing organization itself and the cultural changes you can make to support this shift.

Some people may be stuck on the manual processes that they’ve used for years. They’ll want to use copywriters, developers, and designers for every email they create.

Choose a few champions within your marketing organization to lead the shift to email generation, clearly communicating how much time and energy will be saved by making the shift.

Roll out continual training and performance tracking to ensure that everyone is using the platform correctly and effectively.

To learn more about implementing lasting change in your marketing team, check out our blog; Why You Shouldn’t Fear Change in Email Marketing.

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