How to Maximize Value From Your Email Marketing Agency

Paying an arm and a leg for your agency and want to maximize the value you’re getting? We’ve got some tips.

Agencies play an important role in the marketing ecosystem, often providing the resources and expertise that brands wouldn’t be able to bring in-house.

But are costs too high? What work are you commissioning from these agencies and would their time be better spent on higher value projects?

Read on to discover the costs of using an agency and how to get the most bang for your buck.

What’s an agency really costing you?

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On a basic level, you can expect to pay around $125-250 per hour for an agency’s time, depending on the seniority and expertise of the team members needed for the work (though let’s be honest, you might be paying even more).

This work could include the production of a range of emails, account management, email strategy, analytics, platform management, and a host of other services.

The generation of a single email could range from $300 to $10,000. This cost is determined by the email’s complexity, like the number of areas needed, whether dynamic elements are required, and the amount of design and coding work needed.

To learn more about the costs of using an email marketing agency, check out our blog; The Hidden Costs of Email Creation—And How to Beat Them.

From a time and bandwidth perspective, using an external agency can incur other costs as well.

Kick off meetings, agency briefs, constant back and forth communication, changes and feedback, training, and project sign off can all take up your team’s time.

All this time spent communicating with a team that doesn’t understand your brand as intimately as your team does.

So how can you streamline these time and money issues and get the most value out of your agency?

How to get the most out of your agency

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It’s all about the strategy.

Stop wasting your agency hours with hand coding emails or replicating email templates and instead use them as the strategic experts that they are.

Leverage their market knowledge of new trends and tactics and give them the reins to take a more holistic view of your email strategy.

What latest trends could influence the way you do email? And how has your agency leveraged these trends for other clients?

Make the most of their expertise and industry knowledge and you’ll see more success.

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