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How to Increase ROI by Changing Your Email Marketing Approach

Email marketers often struggle to prove the return on investment for their efforts. Boost your email game (and ROI) with these simple strategies.

Email marketing professionals are responsible for ROI, that’s the marketing world we live in now.

Greater ROI accountability and the rise of revenue marketing has allowed email marketers to take the reins of their results, inspiring successful strategies that are driven by key objectives.

But there’s still a lot to be done.

Email marketers could still see huge ROI gains by streamlining and simplifying their processes and operations. Let’s take a look at two main areas.

Improving output:

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There are a number of ways that email marketers can improve output and email performance dramatically.

Mobile opens account for 46% of all email opens so your emails need to be mobile responsive to ensure the best customer experience. Mobile-responsive emails seamlessly transition between PCs, tablets, and mobiles, automatically adjusting based on the device they’re being viewed on. This means that users can easily view your emails, and click on any sneaky call-to-actions (CTAs) you’re tempting them with.

Another critical change is to enable A/B testing. Besides the fact that A/B testing can increase conversion rates by 49%, it’s also a great way to test the effectiveness of your subject lines, headings, offers, and CTAs.

You’ll also want to utilize more engaging content, leveraging tools like Liveclicker to offer real-time personalization, social widgets to pull the latest social content, and content widgets to pull the latest blogs.

To safeguard all these elements, implement regulatory, rendering, and brand guardrails and strict approval processes. Using modular email templates simplifies this significantly, as all legal and brand rules are set in stone.

This also allows you to cut down on agency spending, and the man hours for designers and developers, who wouldn’t want that? You can direct your agency’s efforts towards more value-add work like branding and strategy projects, rather than manual email building.

To give you an idea on the ROI on this, if your marketer is paid $100,000 in salary, that’s approximately $50 an hour. You’re paying an agency approximately $250 an hour, so make sure they’re focused on value-add work.

Standardizing and optimizing processes

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Once you’ve adopted these new strategies, it’s time to start streamlining processes.

By removing manual work from these processes you’ll be able to spend time on strategy, reduce time to market, and remove process limitations.

These manual work savings could be made through:

  • Utilizing modular email templates
  • Controlling who builds emails (so nobody messes with the base code)
  • Setting strict guidelines in place for final copy and design approvals (ensuring that no last-minute changes are allowed)
  • Implementing hard deadlines for approvals (so you’re not constantly chasing various stakeholders)
  • Leveraging an asset management library so you’ve got a range of ready-made assets to draw on

Any of these changes could save you precious hours from your email building schedule, vastly improving your ROI. For example, let’s say each of your emails generates roughly $50,000 in revenue. You want to send two more emails per month but you can’t because of operational bottlenecks and a lack of bandwidth. If those limitations are removed, you could generate an extra $100,000 per month. Even if we’re conservative and we assume that they make half of an email’s normal revenue ($25,000), that’s still an impressive ROI boost.

Emails that promote flash sales or last-minute promotions can drive incredible revenue, but if you don’t have the means to create those emails and get them out the door fast enough, then you’re losing money. Saving time by streamlining the email building process gives you the power to create the emails you want, and send them out quickly.

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