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Too much to do with a too-small email creation team? Here’s a helpful guide.

How are marketing ops pros managing so many priorities with so few employees? How can they be time-efficient and agile when creating emails? This post answer those questions and more.

During the initial months of the pandemic, there was a 200% surge in email marketing engagement. Makes sense. Email has been – and continues to be – the lynchpin for all marketing communications. Even now you can bank on a 40x+ ROI with email, whether it’s B2B or B2C.

Despite such a compelling case, it takes longer to produce an email than any other digital asset. Creation time runs between 70 and 620 hours per month. You read that right.

That data point comes from a survey conducted by stensul among marketing ops professionals. Along with that disquieting statistic, it found that nearly half of those surveyed noted they have three or fewer people managing the entire email creation process. More than half of those who actually manage email creation are also part of a marketing operation with loads of other responsibilities and tasks to complete. Talk about being stretched too thin.

As noted, email is being utilized by companies like yours – and competitors too – at an understandable yet remarkably high level over the last several months. All indicators point to that continuing. So how are many marketing ops pros managing so many priorities with so few employees? How can they be time-efficient and agile enough to deal with the inevitable changes that occur in the email creation process?

Their email creation teams use an effective email creation platform that dramatically reduces the time it takes to create emails without sacrificing the quality or performance of their email marketing programs. And by reducing that means compressing the procedure from weeks to hours.

Even with an endless tsunami of requests, savvy marketing ops people who actually end their workday relatively on time and not exhausted have opted to implement an email creation platform that scales to easily fit the size, scope, and complexity of the email program that you need to turn a marketing brief into a business-building bonanza.

By implementing an email creation platform that offers a robust suite of features and a collaborative work environment, marketing teams can streamline the email creation process, accelerate campaign launch times, and scale their email marketing programs to fit the needs of the overall business. When such a platform is used, it slashes email creation time by 90%.

And with all that time saved, this kind of marketing technology platform gives you and your team more time to do more projects of higher value like optimizing your email campaigns for performance through more testing or segmentation. Do that and the feeling like there’s too much to do with too few to do it…will be a distant memory.


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