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How to craft compelling CTAs

This post offers ways to create better email CTAs, including using Stensul's AI-powered CTA text generator.
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One element of email marketing that can be a real challenge is crafting a compelling call-to-action (CTA). 

You know that email marketing is a powerful tool for finding customers, building relationships with them, and getting them to buy – with frequency – over time. However, you also know it’s practically for naught if your subscribers don’t click on the CTA to take the next step down the sales funnel, sign-up for a newsletter, or register for an event.

Crafting compelling CTAs can be a daunting task. With the right strategies and techniques, you can master the art of email CTAs and boost your click-through rates. So let’s explore some of the best practices for crafting awesome CTAs, overcome common email CTA challenges, and help you create emails that convert. 

Three CTA ‘do’s’ that drive conversion

  1. Be clear and concise: Use simple language and avoid jargon. Make sure your CTA is utterly comprehensible and understandable. You should use action-oriented language like “Download” or “Register Now.” 
  2. Make it prominent: Your CTA should be easily visible. Use a contrasting color, bold it, or add white space around it to draw attention. 
  3. Create a sense of urgency: Phrases like “Space is limited” or “Download now” can encourage subscribers to take action immediately. 

Three CTA ‘don’ts to avoid conversion problems

It’s okay to get frustrated trying to write the ultimate CTA. It is rarely an easy creative process. Here are some common challenges marketers face while crafting CTAs, along with tips for overcoming them:

  1. Too many options: Your email can confuse the reader and dilute the effectiveness of your CTA if it contains too many choices. Instead, focus on one primary action you want your reader to take. 
  2. Being too salesy: Too pushy CTAs can turn readers off. Instead, provide the reader with relevant information, value, and benefits to make them want to take action. 
  3. Being too vague: Vague CTAs such as “Click Here” or “Learn More” gives the reader no reason to take action. Instead, provide specific information, such as “Get Your Free Trial” or “Download Your E-book Now.” 

Get options quickly with Stensul’s AI-powered CTA text generator

One thing that rarely changes when it comes to email marketing efforts is the deadline for the first send date. This may weigh on you when you struggle to find a CTA that will prompt subscribers to do what you want them to – click-through. 

Stensul harnessed the power of generative AI (GPT-4) to let you produce five CTA alternatives to what you may have created. It does it all simply and speedily – in mere milliseconds. With that time-savings, you can test which CTA will work best against your target audience. 

It’s an easy process too. Just enter the text of your email, the nature of your company, the market you pursue, and tonality. In an instant, you’ll have five more CTAs to consider.

Crafting compelling CTAs is an essential skill for every email marketer. By following the best practices and overcoming the common challenges cited above, you can create emails that engage your readers, entice them to take action, and ultimately drive conversions. And with Stensul’s AI-powered CTA text generator, you can do it faster, easier, and maybe, better.

You can use the Stensul AI-powered CTA text generator here and learn about other tools in the Stensul AI-powered email toolkit.


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