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Getting Your Email Marketing and Brand in Alignment

Wondering how to translate your brand marketing into engaging email campaigns? Here’s how.

Any marketer worth their salt understands the importance of brand marketing.

It fuels any and all communications, ensuring that your brand’s presence across a range of channels and mediums is consistent and clear.

But are emails sneaking through that don’t align with your brand’s rules?

We’ll examine how to create a seamless customer experience, and a memorable brand to boot, using the combined power of email marketing and brand marketing.

Brand marketing 101

Image by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

So what is brand marketing and why is it so important?

Basically, your brand represents your organization’s identity and offering in the market. Brand marketing plays the crucial role of succinctly communicating this brand, its value proposition, and vision to consumers.

Paige Musto, Act-On’s senior director for corporate communications, spoke to Marketing Land about how your brand is your most valuable intellectual property.

“The brand is very important because it’s the first touch point, the first exposure that a potential buyer, a potential partner, a potential influencer has with your brand and with your company.”

Given this importance, strong brand marketing is the core remit of any marketer, whether they work on email or not.

How to ensure consistent brand marketing

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Consistent brand marketing is all about setting up guardrails and sticking to them.

By that, we mean establish a brand/style guide that dictates all the elements that go into your brand assets, like different versions of logos you can use, your color palette, approved fonts, image style, and any copywriting rules.

Trust us, this brand guide will save you and your team over and over again.

Once you’ve established the guide, all assets should be created and reviewed with the guide in mind, which obviously includes emails.

From header to footer, you should ensure that all email elements align with your brand guide, paying particular attention to the fonts used (and making sure they appear correctly across different email clients), the colors of CTA buttons and other design elements, and the placement and appearance of any logos.

Utilizing modular email templates can make this as simple as a drag and drop, as brand and legal compliance guardrails are established when the modules are created, ensuring that no marketer can stray outside brand guidelines.

Aligning your brand assets

Image by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

Brand asset management, or BAM as the cool kids call it, is all about organizing and storing your brand assets in one central repository.

This allows marketers across your organization to access on-brand, professional assets in this repository, instead of creating the assets themselves and potentially adding design elements that might not be on-brand.

This is particularly important for distributed marketing teams, which offer a bunch of benefits to the forward-thinking organization. Check out our blog, The Pros and Cons of Centralized, Decentralized, and Distributed Marketing Teams, to learn more.

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