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As an email designer, there’s a good chance you’ve felt bogged down by the limitations of traditional email design tools. If that’s the case, this post is for you and anyone in your organization involved with designing marketing assets like emails and landing pages.

Design Nirvana with a click

Creating visually appealing emails should feel like something other than deciphering a secret code. Stensul’s drag-and-drop editor lets designers break free from the shackles of HTML coding and rigid templates.

Email designers at a Fortune 75 tech company reduced their email creation time by 90% by shifting their process to Stensul. Not only did their creation process time dramatically compress, but designers – and other creators – were liberated from time-consuming technical intricacies, allowing those involved to focus on making their designs look better and perform above expectations.

The drag-and-drop functionality is not merely a convenience but a powerful tool that any designer – whether you’re a seasoned email designer pro or new to the role – can enjoy the creative freedom you crave. You can move elements effortlessly, resize images intuitively, and experiment with layouts, all in a framework that resonates with the artistic spirit while ensuring branding guidelines are maintained.

Brand consistency, streamlined

Maintaining brand consistency across diverse email campaigns can be challenging, especially for global enterprises. Stensul understands this pain point and addresses it head-on with customizable templates. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce went from a dizzying array of email designs that drew thumbs-down reviews from subscribers to producing on-brand emails all the time.

With Stensul, you’re not just creating visually stunning emails but crafting an immersive brand experience. The customizable templates lock in brand elements, guaranteeing that every email aligns seamlessly with your brand guidelines. You won’t have to contend with time-consuming revisions or brand inconsistencies – just a streamlined, efficient design process that preserves your brand’s integrity.

Collaboration redefined

Design is not a solo act; it thrives on collaboration. Sanofi found Stensul’s real-time collaboration features cut their end-to-end creation process by 50%, eliminating the need to navigate confusing email threads and deciphering disjointed feedback.

Imagine a workspace where your email design team can collaborate seamlessly, providing instant feedback and maintaining a shared vision. Stensul facilitates this collaborative environment, empowering design teams to work harmoniously. There are no more bottlenecks in the creative process – just a smooth, synchronized flow that amplifies the impact of collective creativity.

Swift creations without compromises

Time is the currency of the design world, and Stensul recognizes its value. A premier real estate development company experienced a transformative shift in their design process with Stensul’s streamlined workflows and automation features. These features reduce tedious, time-consuming tasks that often plague design processes.

The real estate organization’s design team discovered that with Stensul, they could allocate more time to the creative aspects of their projects. Imagine spending less time on repetitive tasks and more time on ideation and refinement. Stensul’s commitment to efficiency enables designers to deliver high-quality, creative designs without compromising speed.

Stensul lets designers be fast and fantastic

The impact of Stensul’s Marketing Creation Platform isn’t theoretical; it’s tangible, backed by real-world success stories from emerging growth companies to industry icons. These and other organizations that implemented Stensul have experienced firsthand the transformative power of Stensul in saving time and elevating creativity.

Breaking free from the constraints of traditional email design tools, Stensul empowers designers to unleash their creativity, collaborate effortlessly, and turn their visions into reality at unprecedented speed. It’s not just a platform; it’s a process that allows your ideas to flourish, your team to thrive, and your designs to leave an indelible mark on marketing performance and business impact.

Stensul is central to an efficient design process that celebrates creativity. Your brand deserves it. Stensul does more than save time. It lets you amplify your creative prowess!
To learn more about the Stensul Marketing Creation Platform and how it can transform your marketing creation process, download the eBook An introduction to Efficient Email Creation. You can see Stensul in action here.

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