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5 Ways to Streamline Your Email Marketing Team

Wondering why your email team isn’t running as efficiently as it could? We’ve got a few tips.

Email marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, and your team’s makeup should reflect this.

From your people to your processes and technology, every decision you make as a marketing leader should be strategic and forward-thinking.

What professionals do you need to create quality, engaging emails? How can technology support these champions and improve the way they work?

Read on to discover five ways that you can streamline your email marketing team and create a clear path ahead.

1. Determine an efficient email marketing workflow

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Avoid costly confusion and set your email marketing strategy and workflow early on.

You need to determine each stage of your email workflow, and who is involved at each stage.

Cut out any unnecessary stakeholders and ensure approvals at each stage are as streamlined as possible.

The enemy of email marketing success is often disorganization so the best thing you can do for your team is to set an organized, streamlined workflow that they can adhere to.

2. Utilize email templates to cut down on designer and developer time

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The elements that take up the most time when building an email are designing and building it, and all the back and forth that naturally accompanies that.

Streamline this process by investing in modular email templates. These allow you to build emails with ready-made modules, picking the specific modules you need for an email and cutting out any new build time.

This will also dramatically reduce the agency production and spend, freeing them up to focus on value-add, strategic work for your team.

Check out our blog, One Marketer’s Take: The Pros and Cons of Modular Email Templates, to learn more.

3. Strategically hire roles that add the most value

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You might think that your cobbled-together team of interns and marketing professionals you’ve forced to learn email marketing is doing the trick but trust us, it’s not.

You need dedicated professionals who have experience with email marketing strategy, and aligning that with not only the wider marketing KPIs but your organization’s business goals.

Earlier this week, we published a blog on The 5 Key Players on Your Email Marketing Team. If you’re struggling with staffing your email team then it’s recommended reading.

4. Track performance, analyze results, and adapt accordingly

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So you’ve rolled out some email campaigns, but how did they perform?

Without tracking the metrics of opens, clicks, and conversions, there’s no way to effectively monitor the effectiveness and ROI of your emails.

Choose one person from your email team, perhaps the Strategist, Project Owner, or Campaigns Manager, to monitor these metrics and document them.

Once you’ve got a few campaigns under your belt, compare the results and examine which subject lines, CTAs, and creatives worked best.

You can then use these insights to inform your next email campaigns, replicating what worked best and scrapping what failed.

5. Invest in systems and tools to complement your improved workflow

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Is your team using a hundred different tools and apps to pull together an email? Then you might be suffering from martech bloat.

Analyze your team’s martech needs and determine what tools would best match your workflow.

Choosing tools that integrate with your ESP and reduce production times is critical, so make sure they integrate before you sign on that dotted line.

stensul integrates with all ESPs and helps email teams at Google, Verizon, and Disney streamline processes and decrease email production time by 90%. Request a personalized demo now.

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