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5 Things to Look For in an Email Creation Solution

Not sure where to start when it comes to investing in an email generation tool? We got you.

What would happen if email generation took a tenth of the time it takes you now? What else would you work on?

Recognizing the challenges of running a high-caliber email marketing program is a great start.

Next, work on finding the right solutions and technology, which will completely transform your team’s efficiency.

Read on to discover the key features you need to consider when researching email generation platforms.

1. Integration capabilities

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Stronger integrations between platforms (including your ESP) are essential.

You need the ability to use more data types for better segmentation and personalization—and obviously, better A/B testing.

The stensul email generation platform sits in front of whatever ESP/marketing automation platform you use (e.g. Eloqua, Marketo, Adobe Campaign, ExactTarget, etc.), and plugs in directly via API.

2. Global collaboration and a personalized user experience

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If you’re a big perpetrator of long email threads full of design requests and buried questions, this one’s for you.

Simplifying the feedback loop so no one ends up spinning their wheels saves a tremendous amount of time.

One clear solution is to leverage a centralized platform where all stakeholders can collaborate, review, and approve tasks.

Look for a solution that can be customized to multiple teams and roles within your organization.

A field marketer in Japan should have an experience that caters to their needs (like language-specific logos) just as much as a U.S-based events marketer.

3. Enforceable brand and design compliance

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Take into account any brand and design guidelines you’d like people to keep in mind when generating emails.

That should apply to (at least) colors, images, copy, logos, sizing, watermarks, and fonts.

You should rely on tech to make sure all your emails are brand and legal compliant.

In our platform, we set brand, design, and legal guardrails to ensure each email is compliant and consistent.

4. Centralized asset repository

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Consider this part two of the above. If you can manage what images your marketers can use in emails, that’ll save you a lot of headaches.

The best solutions will have a shared library of approved images that anyone, based on their role, can access as needed.

Giving your creative team control here also means that these assets will always be up-to-date, since it’s in their best interest to have the best asset library possible.

5. Caters to non-technical users

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Why mess around with HTML when one mistyped character can set you back hours?

Any email generation solution you choose should keep the end user in mind, as in your marketers, most of whom aren’t fluent in HTML.

Working with modular templates and a platform that automatically generates HTML allows you to get around that, and also empowers your marketers.

By entrusting marketers with the ability to generate the emails they envision (without requiring help from developers and designers), you increase work fulfillment—and email engagement numbers will reflect that.

Request a personalized demo today to discover how stensul is helping companies like Disney, YouTube, and Samsung to reduce their email production timelines and costs by up to 90%.

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