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Unlocking the Power of Email Preheader Text

This post explains the importance of strong preheaders in marketing emails and how to create effective ones quickly and easily with Stensul.
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Even if your marketing email is well-crafted and visually appealing, if its preheader is lackluster, it can make a big difference in performance. Interestingly, preheaders are often overlooked in email marketing but can significantly impact open rates. 

A preheader is that brief description of what’s in your email, shown as a preview in the inbox of most major email clients next to the subject line. As a result, if done well, it captures your subscribers’ attention and generally leads to higher open rates if done well. 

This post looks at how to tap the potential of preheaders by creating ones that practically compel recipients to open your emails and elevate your email performance.

The untapped potential of preheaders 

Many businesses need to pay more attention to the importance of preheaders. They can be powerful tools to increase open rates and generate engagement. They either leave them blank or fill them with generic or irrelevant text. Crafting an enticing preheader can give readers a reason to click and learn more.

Elevating your email game with preheaders 

While subject lines are essential, preheaders can elevate your email game to the next level. You can use them to make your emails more personalized, highlight specific promotions, or even provide a sneak peek of the content inside. By optimizing your preheaders, you can not only improve open rates but also increase the likelihood of click-throughs and conversions. 

Producing powerful preheaders 

Producing preheaders that will have the power to prompt recipients to open your email requires creativity and attention to detail. Think of your preheader as a mini-sales pitch that needs to grab your readers’ attention in a few words. Use action-oriented language, add personalization, and keep it concise. The preheader should complement the subject line and provide a more in-depth overview of the email. If time allows, you should A/B test different versions of preheaders to determine which works best.

Boosting Open Rates 

The secret to boosting email open rates lies in the preheader. A well-crafted preheader can entice readers to open the email, but better-fits-all solutions exist. Each email should have a unique preheader that aligns with the content inside. Avoid using generic phrasing, and instead, be creative with your words.

Using AI for more preheaders, faster

The excitement surrounding generative AI as a superb way to overcome writer’s block and create content quicker and easier than most of us thought possible is well-founded. As a result, with the right prompts, you can generate lots of ideas in milliseconds, including preheader text. 

That’s why Stensul added a preheader text generator tool to its AI-powered email toolkit. Just add the text of your email plus the nature of your company, the industry/market it serves, and the tonality you prefer. Then, with the click of a mouse, you’ll get five alternative preheaders to whatever you may have already produced.

You can try the preheader text generator and learn about the other tools in Stensul’s AI-powered email toolkit

Preheaders are a valuable yet underutilized vehicle to increase open rates and engagement for email marketers. By producing powerful preheaders, you can provide readers with a clear and concise summary of your email’s content, persuade them to open it, and ultimately increase your chances of conversion. So, the next time you create an email campaign, give your preheaders the attention they deserve and unlock the power of preheaders. And look to Stensul to help make the process easier and far faster.

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