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Two amazingly easy ways to simplify and speed email creation: Stensul’s Reusable Content and Style Variations

simplify and speed email creation with Style Variations and Reusable Content

As an email marketer, you tend to think there’s value in doing the same thing over and over because it seems to work. Kind of a digital version of the adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

But maybe it is broken – or a less than optimal process – and you don’t realize it. You’ve been spoiled by the ease of the copy/paste used in Office, G-Suite, and several other applications. However, copying and pasting HTML code is not easy..

It’s not easy to apply a new color scheme or add the same messaging to multiple emails. Not only is it a process that’s not easy, it’s one where the potential for error – and disappointment – is high. 

The alternative is to use Stensul’s  Reusable Content and Style Variation; two important features of the Stensul Email Creation Platform.  They let you switch between brands with a single click and add the same piece of content to multiple emails in seconds. 

I can speak to that first-hand – and not just because they’re Stensul features in our Email Creation Platform. As a member of the Stensul Marketing team, I’ve been taking full advantage of these capabilities in our own email marketing efforts. If you subscribe to our email marketing you may recall that each email contains secondary content that subscribers might find to be of interest. Prior to the availability of Reusable Content, creating these secondary content modules was tedious. It had me copying and pasting from previous emails, then searching for the illustration from our image library, and, finally, uploading it to the email. (BTW, if you don’t get our eBooks and other useful material, just sign-up here.) 

Accolate Case Study secondary content

Now with Reusable Content, I go into the old emails to save more than 15 modules for reuse. That means when creating an email, a platform user simply goes to a dedicated eBook or Case Study folder and drags in the module to the appropriate place in the email being created and it’s done. The very definition of easy.

Style Variations brings even more time savings for things like A/B testing – something we always have time for since the Stensul platform makes email creation so efficient. While Stensul only has one brand to manage, we do have different brand color combinations to use. Our primary “Space Cadet” dark purple color is often our background, requiring a light-colored font, but sometimes we change it up with a lighter background color, like our “Platinum” gray color, or just white, to see what works best for our subscribers. In those cases we need a dark color font of course. Other than those changes, the module being used in the email is identical. We could clutter up our collection of modules by having duplicates with different color schemes, but that creates a lot of maintenance headaches when something changes. Believe us we know, because we tried it that way. It wasn’t fun.

Stensul Space Cadet Variation Stensul light background variation


Style Variations lets designers create different styles, like background and font colors, fonts, and buttons within a single module, so that email builders can select them with a single click when building an email. And that makes testing different color combinations, or applying different brands to similar emails, a breeze. 

Amazing. Isn’t it.

To learn more about Stensul’s Reusable Content and/or Variations click here.

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