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Stensul Partners with Adobe Workfront to Integrate Platforms

We announced today that stensul is launching an integration with Workfront, the leader in work management for enterprise.
stensul partners with workfront

We announced today that Stensul has partnered with Adobe Workfront to integrate the Stensul Email Creation Platform with Workfront’s proofing and workflow platform.  This partnership will enable email creation teams to build emails in Stensul, then manage the email asset review and approval process within their existing Workfront account. With the new Workfront integration add-on, companies can bring together email creation and work management platforms to support digital transformation across the enterprise.

Stensul will be talking about the new integration and recently released Email Creation Maturity Model at the Workfront LEAP conference on June 24th. With the Workfront integration add-on, Stensul users can:

  • Quickly and easily build their emails in Stensul and send them to Workfront for review and approval.
  • Easily make edits in Stensul based on feedback from the review process, and then return the email back to Workfront for final approval.
  • Finalize the email in Stensul and submit to the email deployment platform.

This new integration add-on is generally available today for Stensul and Workfront clients. You can read more about the integration here. For Workfront users not working with Stensul, please reach out to see the platform in action.

You can read the press release here.

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