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Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

Save time on your email creation with these expert SFMC insights.

Salesforce is one of the biggest names in digital marketing, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is among the premier email marketing programs for reaching a large, personalized audience at scale.

While SFMC is typically regarded as fairly easy to use, there’s still a seemingly endless number of tips that can make email creation that much easier and save users precious time. It often takes experienced users to hone the time-saving processes that will expedite your email marketing operations. Lucky for you, stensul has found some of those very experts so you don’t have to go knocking on any digital doors or waste any more valuable hours experimenting within the platform.

Save Yourself Login Hassle

Jackie Mennie, Sr Consultant at Horizontal Digital, said, “Set up your default login preference. It’s such a small thing, but if the first thing you do every day is go into [mobile studio, for example], save yourself the click and land in that page when you login.”

To set your default login preference, log in to your Marketing Cloud account. Hover the curse over your username, then click Cloud Preferences under Settings. Head to Default Login Preference to select your preferred screen that will show up when you first log into your account. Click the radio button next to the app you want to pop up when you first log into your account. Don’t forget to click Save!

Work on Changes in an External Platform

Greg Gifford, VP of Search at SearchLab Chicago, reminded us, “If you are developing a Cloudpage, it is best to [create your content] in an outside, publicly accessible environment (like Dropbox) that you can then reference inside of the Cloudpage so you can live refresh your page without needing to copy/paste save/publish for every change.”

Having one page for working and one live or “ready” page will help ensure that no changes are published before they’re ready, giving you the freedom to refine content and code as much as you need while having pages that are ready for folks to see.

Ensure that You Have a Warm IP

Does your IP address have a good reputation? As a piece of identity data that spammers can’t forge, it’s crucial that you do. In order to find out, look at questions like: Does this IP keep connections open for long periods of time? Does this IP send messages that are hard to download or have large file sizes? Is this IP address listed on blocklists? If the answer is “no,” you’re probably in the clear. If the answer is “yes,” warm your IP address by sending fewer

than 20,000 emails per day to a single domain, encouraging your audiences to mark your emails as “not spam,” and encouraging recipients to open and click through your emails.

Take Advantage of BrandBuilder

Marketing Cloud’s BrandBuilder template suggestions offer quick, intuitive template design options based on your brand’s logo and style guidelines. Your color scheme can be automatically applied to your header backgrounds, primary navigation buttons, login screen, and more.

Becoming proficient in Marketing Cloud will take time and experience. To make things easier, and increase the speed and efficiency of your email creation while you’re at it, we recommend using an email creation platform in addition to SFMC. To learn more about how you can create emails more easily in a platform that enforces all of your brand guidelines, request a demo of stensul’s platform. We’ll be happy to show you how other marketing organizations in your industry leverage stensul + SFMC for maximum impact.

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