Stensul Email Creation Platform Adds Integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack

Integrations with Top Messaging Platforms is Company’s Latest Move To Bring Email Creation and Collaboration Together Stensul today announced availability of integrations that connect its Email Creation Platform with Microsoft Teams and Slack, the two leading messaging platforms for business. “Until now, stakeholder feedback happened in separate, disconnected places from where an email was being […]

Changing an email creation process from slow and frustrating to fast and satisfying

The standard email building application in an integrated services provider to the pharma industry’s Eloqua marketing automation platform frustrated the company’s email marketers. The greatest deal of time was spent on coding. Plus, there was a lack of responsive design within the templates being built. By going with Stensul, coders were able to devote more […]

Creating emails faster with fewer review cycles, without the need for developers

A technology company that provides up-to-second financial markets information and reports the news about that around the world took 2-3 days to create emails. HTML coding, done in their Eloqua ESP, and a manual approval process, that forced multiple revisions, were the time-stealers. Stensul let them empower marketers to create their own emails, dramatically slashing […]

Keeping up demand for email creation with a flexible platform designed to scale

Rapid growth of its cloud content management platform made clear this company’s email creation process wasn’t able to scale. The volume and variety of emails being requested made it impossible for marketing operations to keep up with the demand. It was taking 5-10 days to fulfill each email request. Opting for Stensul, the company was […]

Creating brand-compliant emails consistently and cost-effectively

A top-tier cloud content management company wanted its field marketers to be able to create emails to get them to market faster. But controls needed to be in place to make sure moving fast wouldn’t expose the organization to brand, legal or security risks. In Stensul they found a way to empower marketing teams to […]

Creating emails faster, more cost-effectively, and at high volumes

Rather than seeing efficiency by pairing internal capabilities with an agency to create emails, this unit of a global leader in computer hardware saw the process take 1 to 2 weeks. With the Stensul Agile Email Creation Platform, it took one day. There was no longer a need for agency support and the associated expense. […]

Global athletic footwear brand handles email requests with greater ease and agility

The digital arm of a global athletic footwear brand was using a traditional template-based workflow. It wasn’t a swift or smooth process. Email requests had to be made 3 weeks in advance. It took 13.5 hours to create one email. And, this approach was not creatively flexible. Using Stensul, email creation took an hour and […]

GCE reduced email creation time and increased volume by empowering requesters

Grand Canyon Education (GCE) is the marketing services arm of Grand Canyon University which has100K+ students, 80% online. Email is the primary communications channel to engage with students. GCE’s in place workflow took 5 days to create an email. That, and an inability to meet rising volume demands, often had requesters creating emails on their […]

How to optimize the 2 most commonly-used email creation workflows

…to increase efficiency and agility Despite being surrounded by change, the two most common ways to create emails utilize technologies and techniques developed pre-web and pre-cloud. Both employ siloed applications that make for complications, not collaboration.

6 keys to an effective email brief

An email brief is the guide that aligns all stakeholders and employees involved in making your vision for an email campaign come to life. Let us show you how to write the guide to your next successful email marketing campaign.