5 steps to recession-proof your email creation process

Economic turbulence looks to be on the horizon. Don’t wait. Be prepared, so you, your team, and email creation process can handle what lies ahead. Learn the 5 steps you must take to manage your email people, process, and production successfully.

What your CMO needs to know about email creation

You know something your CMO might not: email marketing works really well, but email creation doesn’t. Learn how to convince your CMO that overcoming email creation challenges will boost business performance.

How a top drugstore chain cured email creation woes with change management

national pharmacy chain sees email success

One of America’s leading drugstore chains serves just under half of all U.S. shoppers. In 2021 the company sent 8.8 billion emails to promote pharmacy services, a wide range of consumer packaged goods, and a loyalty program. However, with many tedious, manual steps, it took three days to get an email created – even for […]

Bisnow goes from lackluster email results to making a big impact on the business

email marketing team celebrating success

Bisnow is a company that helps the commercial real estate community do more business via its digital media platform and the 340+ events it produces annually. The pandemic-driven shift to all-virtual events brought the deficiencies of building emails in its MAP into stark focus. On top of taking 3+ hours to create a single email […]

Accolade handling higher email creation volume with more email creators

email marketers celebrating success

Accolade, a new kind of healthcare company, was creating marketing emails with an inefficient process that took hours to yield a single email. More than being time- and resource-intensive, this approach wasn’t scalable. That was key as email creation needed to keep up with the company’s aggressive growth plans. To overcome the limitations and risks […]

The email creation team playbook

Winning the email creation game is all about process, people, and technology. Learn how to change your email creation game for the better with this eBook.