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Marketing to One: How to organize your team, techniques and technology to create personalized campaigns

Accelerate campaign creation and improve personalization

How do you ensure that your campaigns and offers are personalized and relevant to people wherever they might be in their buyer’s journey?

Our speakers come armed with the experience to help you do just that. Rich Feist and Mike Creuzer, data experts from Sercante, have background in data hygiene best practices plus insider tips on how to maintain a compliant database. Stensul’s Hogan Stark has hosted 100s of client calls with some of the world’s largest brands on how to strategically implement dynamic content into their email programs.

They will show you how email marketers & marketing operations pros can:

  • Better leverage data
  • Turbocharge email workflows
  • Create content efficiently using AI

Get ready for practical advice and insider tips on making your data work smarter for you so that you can create hyper-personalized, higher-performing campaigns that resonate with each individual in your target audience.