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How to convince your CFO of the value of efficient email creation


In today’s business world, it’s important to recognize that CFOs aren’t just numbers crunchers. They’re focused on driving change that positively impacts ROI, performance, and growth. They’re willing to spend money to make money – especially when it means greater efficiency and better results.

So, as an email pro, whether you call yourself a marketer or a MOPs person, or even a CMO, ask yourself: Is your current email creation process too complicated, time-consuming, and costly?

If you say “yes,” you realize that with an efficient email creation process, your team has time to optimize email performance that impacts the business. If your answer was “no,” it’s even more important to keep reading.

By embracing the view that your email creation process needs to be efficient, you can better have your CFO, or whoever heads finance in your unit, embrace it too. 

To help you make your case, here are four suggestions.

1. Show your CFO the numbers

Your CFO wants to see the numbers. If it takes weeks to create a marketing email, provide evidence of how it can take a few hours, freeing up team members to handle higher-value work. If your team can only manage a small number of email requests or push out a limited volume of emails, show examples of how an efficient approach lets you quickly scale to meet demand – without an increase in headcount. 

2. Explain how to make better use of what you have

Show your CFO how effecting a change in your email process can make better use of the tech assets already in your martech stack through a series of integrations that lets you gain even more value from those applications.

3. Build a democracy, not an empire

Moving to an email creation process that puts a premium on productivity, not specialized technical skill, changes it from one with limited capabilities to greater capacity and versatility. This change enables your organization to produce more quality emails quickly. 

The message to your CFO is you’re looking to build a massive benefit for your company, not an empire for yourself. Such a shift doesn’t mean you and your team will lose control. You’ll have tighter supervision with a process that employs robust guardrails that maintains branding, design, and content controls, including legal language in footers.

4. Put an Email Creation Platform at the center

The way to achieve the change you seek is to put an Email Creation Platform at the center of your process. 

An Email Creation Platform simplifies and speeds the entire creation process, from developing the design concept to uploading for deployment. In particular, it significantly shortens the review and approval routine.

An Email Creation Platform creates a single collaborative work environment that lets people – even those with little or no coding skills – efficiently create quality emails in minutes with all corporate branding and regulatory requirements maintained. It easily scales as the demand for email grows, without needing to increase the size of your team, be they full-time employees or outsourced services.                                                                                    

In addition, an Email Creation Platform will integrate easily and securely with adjacent technology in your martech stack. This allows you to gain added value from those capabilities: image 

libraries, live content, dynamic content, link tracking, messaging, workflow, or whatever leading MAP/ESP your organization might use.

For more insight on making the most of your conversation with your finance head, download the eBook How to talk to your CFO about email creation. This eBook includes bonus content – slides to help you present your case convincingly.

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