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Braze Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

Braze users, speed up your email production with these expert insights.

Braze is an independent marketing software company used by tech companies (often, but not exclusively B2C) to connect with audiences. It’s an increasingly popular email marketing tool, but as with any tool, new and seasoned users alike can benefit from an extra time-saving boost. And while our biggest time saving tip will always be to integrate with a creation platform (like Stensul), we turned to the experts to find out how to save even more time when sending emails via Braze.

Don’t Rely on Auto-Save

Morgan Stone, Marketing Platform Developer at Pizza Hut told stensul, “The most important things for me have been making sure tags are thoroughly thought out and organized so you can easily find emails you’ve created and saving frequently. I’ve already had 2 instances where I came back from lunch and had to completely redo my work because my computer went to sleep.”

Segment Your Campaigns

As Majd Arzouni, Digital Marketing Coordinator at MATIC informed stensul, “The segmentation process on braze is something great and my tip is always having ready-to-go segments to quickly add to any campaign, especially recurring ones.”

Segmentation should be one of your first email creation steps. Ensure that your deployment schedule in Braze is set up so that personalized, specific emails are sent out to different members of your audience before you begin to build your email. Sementing first ensures that you can spend more time on the actual email creation without worrying about spending time on it after you’re ready to deploy.

Get Serious About Spam Prevention

Another thing to keep in mind when deploying emails via Braze is spam prevention. Spam will catch a HTML and plain text version of an email separately, so deploying plain text versions of your emails can help stop at least some of your messages from getting caught in spam filters. And as well as boosting your email images’ SEO, ALT text tags can replace images within an email that an email server might filter out, serving as additional spam prevention.

Becoming proficient in Braze will take time and experience. To make things easier, and increase the speed and efficiency of your email creation while you’re at it, we recommend using an email creation platform in addition to Braze. To learn more about how you can create emails more easily in a platform that recognizes all of your brand guidelines, request a demo of stensul. We’ll be happy to show you how other marketing organizations in your industry leverage stensul + Braze for maximum impact.

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