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5 Huge Potential Inefficiencies in Your Current Email Generation Process

The status quo needs to be shaken up. We break down the five inefficiencies that could be slowing you down.

Email generation has traditionally been plagued with manual processes, a confusing array of martech tools, and ridiculously convoluted approval steps.

We’re seeing an evolution in the way brands approach email generation with smart tools that allow marketers to generate custom emails more easily than ever before (shameless plug here, we’re obviously talking about stensul).

But there’s still a bunch of inefficiencies in the traditional approaches to email generation, which you should address here and now.

1. Local teams can’t customize email assets

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Do your distributed teams want to localize and customize emails, but don’t have the resources or budget to create their own?

Local teams shouldn’t be shackled to using generic emails, they should be able to customize for their region, target audience, or local-specific offers.

Address this inefficiency by using an email generation platform like stensul that allows local users to generate custom emails easily with drag and drop modules.

2.  Lack of resources or budget

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Trying to grow your email program but don’t have enough people or budget at your disposal?

Litmus research discovered that 52% of marketers believe their email programs are either understaffed or very understaffed.

Break the cycle and build your business case by demonstrating to leadership that email marketing can improve ROI, check out our tips here.

3. Your QA takes forever

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Is QA taking too long or do you feel like you don’t QA enough?

If small mistakes are slipping through the QA stage and damaging your brand then it’s time to take stock.

A lengthy, overly complex QA process can hurt the email generation process and lead to errors with version control and implementing feedback.

Cut the QA craziness and plan a streamlined approach to QA, including consolidated feedback from stakeholders and a central platform that all users can refer to.

4. You’re spending too much on agencies or ESP professional services

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Agency and ESP bills can quickly add up if you’re turning to them for multiple stages of your email generation process.

Consider whether you’re getting the most value out of your agency, and whether they could be working on more strategic and value-add projects for you.

Take a look at our blog, An Inside Look at the Pros and Cons of Using Agencies for Email Marketing, for more info.

5. You can’t test

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A/B tests can increase conversion rates by 49%, so it’s a worthy time investment for those looking to drive conversions.

However, many email marketers don’t have the time or energy to A/B test and analyze the results.

If this is the case, then there are clearly inefficiencies in your email generation process that are slowing you down, and ensuring you can’t keep up with the competition.

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