Digital & Marketing Operations Teams

How stensul transforms "Template and Module" operations

Does this sound familiar?

  • Templates and modules might live within an ESP builder, or they might be in a code editor like Dreamweaver.
  • If the existing templates or modules can't support a request, new ones have to be created and coded. This usually takes weeks.
  • Giving requesters access to the ESP/MAP builder raises concerns around data privacy, or unchecked errors due to unintuitive user interfaces.
  • Even when working from a template, the underlying code is being touched, requiring enhanced QA for every single change.
  • Too much time is spent going back-and-forth on changes, and each email takes a week or more to complete.

What we hear in the market

“Templates were supposed to make us faster. Except every quarter we need to update our templates and it takes four weeks.”

“We tried to load custom templates into our ESP’s email builder. It injected random code and was a total disaster.”

“Modules are nice, but not that helpful if there is nothing to enforce any brand standards in the content.”

“We use templates, but there is still too much room for people to mess things up in the code, and it causes all kinds of fire drills for the team.”

“Templates work great until it comes to one off emails for a random event, announcement or a business division that doesn’t always send email. These one offs do not work for any template and definitely disrupt our process.”