Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Stensul Supercharges Adobe GenStudio, Empowering Businesses to Scale Content Creation Velocity

Leverages Deep, Robust Integrations Across Adobe Experience Cloud Products

Stensul, the Marketing Creation Platform™, is highlighting the synergy between its solutionThe corporate logo and brandmark of the Adobe software company and Adobe GenStudio at Adobe Summit 2024. For businesses seeking to optimize creative production workflows, combining these two solutions accelerates and simplifies the content supply chain.

The combination empowers businesses to:

  • Leverage Stensul’s intuitive interface, brand guardrails, and collaborative features to streamline creating and approving emails and landing pages, enabling seamless teamwork among all stakeholders, especially non-technical and non-design teammates.
  • Capitalize on Adobe GenStudio, a new GenAI-first application that lets marketing teams accelerate the end-to-end content lifecycle to create and deliver on-brand marketing assets on a self-service basis. 

The tight integration and alignment between Stensul and Adobe GenStudio unlocks a multitude of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Increased efficiency to eliminate wasted time in every step of the content supply chain.
  • Enhanced collaboration to foster seamless communication and feedback loops between requesters, specialists, approvers, and other stakeholders.
  • Improved brand continuity to maintain brand compliance via Stensul’s robust guardrails functionality.
  • Scalability to effortlessly manage and reuse increasing volumes of creative content as business demands and campaign sophistication grow. 

“Stensul provides significant additional benefits to businesses that will use GenStudio,” said Noah Dinkin, Stensul’s Founder and CEO. “GenStudio brings together select Adobe products to speed up a lengthy and costly content creation process. In concert, Stensul provides businesses wanting to democratize critical pieces of content creation and activation with a safe platform to do so, leveraging our easy-to-use interface and robust guardrails to ensure adherence to brand, technical, compliance, and channel requirements.”

Strong Results Across Enterprises

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The Stensul Marketing Creation Platform has increased performance while reducing email and landing page creation time by as much as 10x for organizations using Adobe products in their content supply chain. The robust guardrails of the Stensul platform allow leaders to let stakeholders within the business create production-ready assets rather than limiting those people to only make requests.

Stensul’s recently launched Scripted Dynamic Content Authoring for Adobe capabilities create even more value. For businesses using Adobe Campaign and Adobe Journey Optimizer, this new functionality lets technical and non-technical marketing teams efficiently create personalized emails at scale, leveraging Stensul’s intuitive design and Adobe-compatible scripting support. The new feature joins Stensul’s Dynamic Content Authoring for Marketo, introduced late last year to expand the company’s personalization capabilities further and build on a commitment to providing efficient and scalable creation cycles. 

Adobe Experience Integrations Provide Great Value

Creating emails in the Stensul platform is simpler and more streamlined than any other method, in part because of deep integrations and support for several critical Adobe applications involved in the content supply chain. These include Adobe Workfront, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign Classic, Adobe Experience Manager Assets, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Marketo Engage. 

Visit the Stensul booth (#679) at Adobe Summit 2024 to learn more. Details on Stensul Scripted Dynamic Content can be found here.