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Email creation maturity model webinar

How to assess and transform your email marketing.

Take your email creation program to the next level

As audiences fragment across channels, creation teams are challenged to increase their agility and scale their programs while maintaining high-quality output and brand standards. Despite this, most teams operate within a flawed model, and report difficulty keeping pace with ever demanding requirements.

Your team needs to know how your organization measures up against industry best practices in the creation process, technology, and strategy.


Download the Stensul email creation maturity model to discover:

  • The five phases of maturity and the attributes that characterize each phase.
  • A framework for how to transform your email creation program.
  • The key benefits from implementing agile practices in email creation operations.

Who should watch this webinar?

Members of email creation teams, including internal agencies, digital teams, external agencies, marketing operations, email requesters.