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Pardot Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

Even the most seasoned Salesforce Pardot users can stand to shave some time off of their creation process.

When it comes to marketing automation services, Salesforce is one of the most trusted and sought-after names in the game, with almost 30,000 websites currently using Salesfoce Pardot. Pardot, part of Salesforce Sales Cloud, is a popular choice for B2B email marketing, but even the most senior users might be sleeping on some tips that will save them valuable time in the future.

Before you take that next Pardot training course, be sure to implement these tips and insights that will point you towards some actionable time-saving practices.

Embrace the Repeat Automation Rule


As Pardot Genius Bailey Wilson stated on Salesforce’s site, “Repeat automation rules allows for prospects to match a rule more than once and can be used for a wide range of things. One of my favorite use cases is routing form submissions based on values. This way, you can use one form to meet all of your needs.” This saves you copious amounts of coding and categorizing time.

Routing form submissions based on values, for example, will ensure that the data collected from your emails gets to the right places without you having to go in and manually categorize results, or create all of the multiple pages that will be activated by different audience answers. If you want to use only one form but anticipate that a different set of actions will be needed based on different form responses, repeat automation rules are your time-saving ticket.

Create 1:1 Emails for Sales


Fellow Pardot Genius Valerie Tarangelo explained, “While standard list emails provide some personalization based on data, we often find that a salesperson has something very specific they want to say. The 1:1 email feature allows the sales team to send prospects a professionally designed and written email that allows them to include personal information.”

Sales team members will save time and effort while keeping conversation rolling with prospects, and ensuring that attention is put on personal, meaningful correspondence. The addition of a third-party platform like stensul will go even further to ensure that brand style guidelines are accounted for.

Embrace Custom Redirects

With custom redirects, Pardot users can track prospects while triggering automated actions — in other words, they can see what each email reader is engaging with to help see what parts of the emails are performing best. Custom redirects can also be used to lead audiences through the correct next steps in an email survey. For example, if a survey form in your email asks about customer satisfaction and the client contact clicks that they are unhappy with the services, a redirect can point them toward the next form that will then go into more detail about why they were dissatisfied and how the company can improve.

Audit Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns come in a variety of forms: competitive drips, in which you highlight the benefits of your product to differentiate yourself from your competitors; promotional drips, in which you offer strategically-timed promotional offers as prospects are close to closing; and upsell drips, in which you encourage existing clients to add on to their purchases. Audit these drip campaigns by checking off questions like: “Am I overwhelming one prospect with all of these emails?” and “Are campaign goals measurable?” Ensuring that your drip campaigns are only beneficial will help save you from spending time and resources on unhelpful, failing campaigns.

Becoming proficient in Pardot will take time and experience. To make things easier, and increase the speed and efficiency of your email creation while you’re at it, we recommend using an email creation platform in addition to Pardot. To learn more about how you can create emails more easily in a platform that enforces all of your brand guidelines, request a demo of Stensul’s platform. We’ll be happy to show you how other marketing organizations in your industry leverage Stensul + Pardot for maximum impact.

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