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Push completed HTML from Stensul to Cheetah Digital Source Tables and Folders via secure API

How the Stensul and Cheetah Digital integration works

Cheetah Digital and their Customer Engagement Suite is a powerful and commonly used Email Service Provider (ESP) that enables marketers to rapidly scale and meet the demands of the modern consumer with personalized experiences and cross-channel messaging. This power brings complexity with it, meaning email creation in the platform is not for everyone. Stensul’s comprehensive integration with Cheetah Digital Messaging platform simplifies and speeds the email creation process. Even novice email creators can use the Stensul Email Creation Platform™ with its easy to use drag & drop capability. The platform is connected to your digital asset management environment, workflow management system, real-time personalization tools, and analytics to create on-brand, mobile-responsive, inbox-tested and compliant emails. Email creators can then push their emails to Cheetah Digital in a single click.

  • Collaborate and create your email in Stensul with Cheetah Digital customized features
  • Finish the email after review and approval in Stensul or in a separate workflow tool
  • Upload HTML to the Cheetah Digital Messaging platform with options including
    • Data Table
    • Folders
    • Subject Line
    • Sender Info
  • Secure API Upload of HTML to Cheetah Digital
Stensul integration with Cheetah Digital Folders and Source Tables

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