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Stensul's Outlook integration automatically pushes Outlook-friendly HTML to Outlook365 draft folders, so you can focus on creation

How the Stensul and Outlook integration works

With Stensul’s Outlook integration, you can now create a great-looking, on-brand email in Stensul, and then easily pass it over to your Outlook365 account to send. From your own account. No fancy email deployment platform needed, and it helps you overcome the typical challenges of creating great looking emails in Microsoft Outlook.

  • Collaborate and create your email in Stensul with on brand language and approved imagery
  • Finish the email after review and approval in Stensul or in a separate workflow tool
  • Upload HTML to Outlook365 draft folder
    • Subject Line
    • From Email account
  • Secure API Upload of HTML to Outlook365

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