Developers should develop your business' applications. Not its emails.
Taylor Engstrom
Taylor Engstrom
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Developers are an expensive resource.

They should be doing more higher-value work than coding emails.

Unless they’re creating super complex emails, but otherwise, no.

Most emails can and should be assembled without a developer.

So then you might ask, 

“How does the email get coded?”

How to Optimize Your Developers

For 99% of email teams out there, the best way to optimize your developers is to not use them.

Instead, use the internal builder that is part of the ESP, have robust templates you can copy and re-use, or leverage a platform like stensul.

Developers shouldn’t be required to drag and drop elements within your ESP’s builder.

Highly technical and analytical marketers are required to understand and competently use the ESP, but involving a developer is overkill.

Developers shouldn’t be required to build templates either; templates are just approved emails within your ESP that can be scaled for different uses and programs with minimal changes.

The one thing developers may be required for are email programs with a ton of customization or sophisticated logic.

Like the other recommendations in this guide, set parameters and processes in place for when to involve a developer based on the sophistication of the email rather than having them involved regardless and wasting their time on straightforward emails.

Set an SLA up front for how much lead time you’ll give them for a complex email and when you expect to see the coded result.

Move to Modular Design

While we've already stated that developers shouldn't be coding emails, they also shouldn't be coding ENTIRE emails.

Move to "modular design" by breaking your emails and email templates into "modules" that you can then code block by block.

Code an element in an email - say a header or a text block - one time and then allow non-technical marketers to simply change out the content.

From there developers can code in snippets as needed for your email instead of the whole thing.

Lastly, stensul removes the need for developer resources or knowledge of HTML with a simple drag and drop platform that allows non-technical marketing teams to create bulletproof, on-brand, and responsive emails with pre-built modules custom to you.

In summary there are many solutions that enable the marketer to build the email without needing to code and without needing to bring in a developer.

Thanks for reading!