Why write this handbook?
Taylor Engstrom
Taylor Engstrom
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The Modern Email Team
Today there is no shortage of blog posts and guides on how to optimize your subject line, your send time, your email’s content, you name it.

What these same blog posts and guides DON’T talk about is likely most critical in the process - how to optimize the time and effort of those team members responsible for the production of those emails.

Why not?

One reason is that many of these same companies and individuals writing about how to optimize your email campaigns aren’t familiar with the inner workings of The Modern Email Team.

Here at stensul, we work with some of the biggest and best brands in the world and have come to understand their incredibly diverse and complex email teams.

Without further ado, turn the page to learn how some of the world’s best email teams are able to optimize their time, efforts, and ultimately results.

Thanks for reading!