Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Shifting email creation from sluggish to swift and strategic

The email team at a Fortune 10 healthcare services company spent their time updating HTML in templates sent to them by email requesters at the company.  This approach left no time to test messaging or refine strategy. Stensul let requesters create their own emails with guardrails in place to ensure on-brand and regulatory compliance. Email creation time was cut in half and the number of touchpoints in the process went down by 70%, making it far more efficient. As a result, there was time for the email team to collaborate with requesters to create better performing emails. 

“Stensul gave us time we never had to create more on-strategy emails in less time. It also let our email team get away from fixing HTML code and on to optimizing our martech stack.”

Marketing Operations Director

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