Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Amanda Oles

Senior Demand Generation Manager at Stensul

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Geoff Smith

SVP of Marketing at Stensul

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Shae McLaughlin

Marketing Operations Manager at Stensul

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Caroline Iraci

Art Director at Stensul

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How Stensul uses Stensul

Hello. We’re members of the team that markets the Stensul Email and Landing Pages Creation Platform. Everyone on our team uses it–a lot. Every HTML email we deploy, every landing page we post is created in Stensul.

We thought our experiences with the Stensul platform were worth sharing – on a 1:1 basis – with people looking to make their email and landing page creation efficient.

And that’s what you’ll find here. Whether you’re a MOPs pro, a Demand Gen person, a Designer, or the head of a Marketing organization, you’ll learn how each of us uses Stensul and how it lets us do our jobs better.

Ready to transform how you create emails?​