Stensul raises $34.5m in Series C funding

Optimized email performance makes big impact on sales

A division of the world’s largest health insurer uses email heavily for sales prospecting, customer retention, and communicating changes in programs and procedures. It was not doing as well as needed it to be. With the Stensul Email Creation Platform™, 200+ hours/month were regained for email marketers to run A/B testing and personalization efforts. Templates and modules that were standouts could be identified, so email creation efforts could be built around them. Results of this effort to optimize email performance was a 19% increase in leads and an additional $32 million of sales pipeline – realized one year after implementing Stensul.

19% increase in leads
$32m increase in sales pipeline
“By making email creation more efficient, our email marketing became more strategic such that it made an impact that went far beyond opens and CTRs. With Stensul, we were making an impact on the business’ top and bottom lines.”

Director of Marketing Operations

Division of the world's largest health insurer

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