Forrester & Stensul Webinar: Diamond in the Rough

Designing a Marketing Operations Team to Shine

Forrester and Stensul webinar replay

Many B2B organizations are sitting on top of an under tapped resource: marketing operations.

While most organizations’ marketing operations resources are busy, they’re spending their time on tedious, tactical tasks such as campaign execution, content deployment, and email management, to name a few.  By understanding marketing operations’ real value – their ability to align marketing’s priorities with technological, analytical, and design capabilities available in the marketplace – marketing operations can quickly optimize marketing’s processes, capitalize on automation, and enable marketers to spend their time on higher valued activities.

Join guest speaker Forrester’s Vice President and Research Director of Marketing Operations, Cristina De Martini, in this Stensul webinar hosted by CEO and Founder, Noah Dinkin, to learn how marketing operations responsibilities, skillsets, and access to technological capabilities can help unlock productivity for marketers and drive growth for your organization.

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