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Bring your email creation process into the 21st century webinar

As a channel that consistently drives 40x ROI, it’s time to find ways to increase both agility and scale.

Email has been around for more than two decades… yet many organizations are still creating them like it’s 1999.

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How can a team be expected to respond to breaking news events or put together an invite for a last-minute webinar if their emails are still being created like print collateral? Join Nicholas El-Khoury, Director, Solutions & Enablement at Stensul, for a look at the latest tactics and trends you can employ to bring your email creation campaigns into the 21st century.

You should watch this webinar to:

  • Define what an email creation platform is
  • Understand the five phases of maturity and the attributes that characterize each phase
  • Recognize the key benefits from moving up the maturity curve
  • Implement a framework for how to transform your email creation program
  • See how companies like Box, BMW, and YouTube have slashed email creation time by 90%