Stensul + Marketo

There are several ways emails created with stensul get passed to Marketo. One of the most commonly used ways is to pass the finished email code and campaign details via API into Marketo Design Studio or Marketo Marketing Activities. The high-level steps below outline how this will work with your account.
  • During your stensul implementation, our team will work with you to securely link your Marketo account to your stensul account.
  • Once you have created an email with stensul, you will see an 'Upload to Marketo' icon next to each finished email.
  • Once clicked, the user will be prompted to confirm the file name before the finished code is passed to Marketo.
  • Your email code and any customized campaign details are then passed to your account within Marketo and the email is ready to be setup for deployment.

If the email changes, the user can easily pass the updated code to overwrite the original, or choose to pass the newer version with a different filename.

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